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CoinVault ATMs™ are popping up all over the country. Find the one nearest to you.

Your Gateway to Cryptocurrency

CoinVault ATM™ intends to bring Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies to everyone. By placing our easy to use ATM kiosks at strategic metropolitan locations anyone can buy, sell, or trade bitcoin at their convenience. Built using our proprietary system, our state of the art kiosks allow anyone in the world to access bitcoin with ease.

Easy to Use

CoinVault ATMs™ are the easiest way to access the Bitcoin network offline.

Safe and Secure

Top of the line security features ensure that your bitcoin is stored safely.


Access stored bitcoin without waiting for confirmations from the network.

How to Use CoinVault ATM™

Want your own ATM?

Have a business or another public space? Want to be a part of the emerging Bitcoin infrastructure? Learn how you can become part of the CoinVault ATM™ network.